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Conzerol® for Molluscum Contagiosum

The lumps and bumps of Molluscum contagiosum can make you feel very self-conscious. Embarrassment about your appearance may cause you to change your daily routine, affecting your regular interactions with your children, partner and friends.

Because Molluscum contagiousm is caused by a virus, it is readily spread by physical, skin to skin contact. It is also spread by sharing everyday items like beach towels. You can spread molluscum to your loved ones as well as over new areas of your body.

Remedies for Molluscum are readily available. Left on its own, the virus can take months to resolve. While lesions are still present you are extremely contagious to others. To prevent spreading this disease, you will need to cover the affected areas and avoid intimate contact until the bumps disappear.

You might also consider cryotherapy or curettage to treat your molluscum. Freezing or cutting the lesions away is a quick process, suitable for someone with only small numbers of bumps. Possible side effects of these methods may include discoloration, infection, or scarring.

Conzerol® is a simple natural topical cream that can start easing bumps in as little as one week.

Conzerol® is easy to use: apply to the areas of concern two to three times daily for best results.


Can I use Conzerol® if I’m pregnant?

Conzerol® is safe to use during pregnancy. It is not to be used internally.

Is it safe to use Conzerol® if I have HIV/AIDs?

Conzerol® is safe to use if you have HIV/AIDs. It has no concerning side effects.

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