Molluscum Contagiosum Pictures

Molluscum Contagiosum Pictures of patients who tried Conzerol®
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4 times

Case: 2323

Country: USA

Gender: Female

Age: 5

Number of Lesions: 50-60

Previous Treatments: Many over the counter and prescription

Time of infection before Conzerol: 7 months

Before Photo Before - Anna
After Photo After - Anna

I am writing this email to say thank you very much for this great product (Conzerol)… Read more
*Results may vary

Meagan C.
24 hours

Case: 4534

Country: USA

Gender: Femal

Age: 6

Number of Lesions: 15

Previous Treatments: None

Time of infection before Conzerol: 1 month

Before Photo Before - Meagan C.
After Photo After - Meagan C.

Please find attached a before shot and a progress shot of my daughter using Conzerol… Read more
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Judy P.
4 weeks

Case: 5434

Country: USA

Gender: Male

Age: 7

Number of Lesions: 230+

Previous Treatments: None

Time of infection before Conzerol: 5 months

Before Photo Before - Judy P.
After Photo After - Judy P.

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*Results may vary

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